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Find out who your guest is before he arrives


Digital Check in

Travel profile of every traveler on your property

Direct communication with the guest

Super-targeted data and information

Extra services sales automatization

Don’t only understand your client only after he has left his property. With online check in, the power of travel customization from now on, is in your hands. Understand now what your guests are looking for in the trip, why they have come, as well as why they came to you, among other information that will better prepare you to provide even better travel experiences.

How it works

The client accesses the platform of his own device

The hotel instantly receives the traveler’s profile as soon as the guest finishes filling the digital check-in.

 The accommodation has enough time to prepare for the arrival of the guest

 The guest has a better travel experience. The accommodation has better reviews and reviews over the internet.

Join the future

Impacted travelers
Farewell tons of paper
3 mins
Check in estimated duration. Farewell huge check in lines at the reception
3 languages
Multilanguage. Your check in in Portuguese,English and Spanish

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